July 2023 : Earth Element

For this summer, the elements are back at the Hideaway Hotel with new items on the element of earth from 17 to 31 July 2023! Ready to feel the fresh grass under your feet? The Hidden Relics shop, a season pass and a host of elemental items are available during the event.

Shop : Hidden Relics


Star(s) Name Price Preview Man Preview Woman

Earth Element Hat

2000 Hotel Hideaway : Casual Party Goer Man
Earth Amulet 2000 Hotel Hideaway : Earth Amulet Man Hotel Hideaway : Earth Amulet Woman
Mossy Chin 2000 Hotel Hideaway : Earth Amulet Man
Flora or Fauna? 1450 Hotel Hideaway : Flora or Fauna?
Ombre of the Land 2300 Hotel Hideaway : Ombre of the Land
Wings of the Earth Elemental 3750 Hotel Hideaway : Earth Amulet Man


Star(s) Name Price Preview
Wall Lichen 3500 Hotel Hideaway : Wall Lichen
Aspect of Earth 600 Hotel Hideaway : Aspect of Earth


Star(s) Name Price Preview
Green of Canopies 8000 Hotel Hideaway : Twinkling Stars


Star(s) Name Price Preview
Blooming Steps 1500 Hotel Hideaway : Blooming Steps

Season Pass

During the Earth Element event, a 25-level Season Pass is available for 14 days to complete missions and earn daily rewards. You can get more gifts every day with the "Gold Pass".


Here are all the free prizes:

120 cookies
150 coins 
40 diamonds
5 spins 
3 brown crates 
4 suitcases 
A pin : Earth Elemental event 2023
Two garments : Tree Bark Mask & Rooted Feet
A profile background : Peach Polka Dots

Gold Pass

Here are all the prizes with the Gold Pass:

600 cookies 
6000 coins 
200 diamonds 
16 spins 
9 brown crates 
2 purple crates 
2 gold crate 
3 suitcases 
A pin : Earth Elemental event 2023
Two garments : Grown of Brambles & Husk of the Forest
A profile background : Eerie Forest